Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tanzania safari information for planning and booking, wildebeest migration trend information wildlife tours is provided

Wildebeest migration is main interest for Tanzania safari booking in Northern circuits. Information useful to plan and book wildlife safari tours in Tanzania is useful.

Wildebeest migration trend varies depend on season and time. Best season for wildlife safaris Tanzania is when wildebeest is in Central, South Serengeti and during Mara River Crossing. South Serengeti and Ndutu best time to see is from December, January to March. April and May is rain season, have low number of visitors and most safari lodges are cheap making particular Tanzania safari itinerary becoming cheap.

Central Serengeti and Seronera best season best time is June to August, Mara river crossing is best wildebeest event to do in Tanzania. Tanzania comfort 4 x 4 game drive safaris is provided by reputable safari company in Arusha, The Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd. Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd is on Google Map and Offices are located at Impala Hotel Ground floor, at Kijenge Round About, Simeon road.

Recommended Tanzania safari itineraries include 6 days 5 nights wildlife safari, accommodations can be safari lodges or budget camping safaris.

Tanzania safaris 7 days 6 nights safari is most booked Tanzania safari itinerary which cover all national parks of Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Sightseeing tours and culture tour Maasai villages are more opportunities for this 7 days wildlife safari. Luxury tented camps, standard safari lodges, budget camping safaris and luxury camps are provided. For upmarket luxury tourists, exclusive luxury safari camps are organized in hand with private 4 x 4 open game drives, night game drives and off road 4 x 4 game drives in private luxury Camps.