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Tanzania safari information for planning and booking, wildebeest migration trend information wildlife tours is provided

Wildebeest migration is main interest for Tanzania safari booking in Northern circuits. Information useful to plan and book wildlife safari tours in Tanzania is useful.

Wildebeest migration trend varies depend on season and time. Best season for wildlife safaris Tanzania is when wildebeest is in Central, South Serengeti and during Mara River Crossing. South Serengeti and Ndutu best time to see is from December, January to March. April and May is rain season, have low number of visitors and most safari lodges are cheap making particular Tanzania safari itinerary becoming cheap.

Central Serengeti and Seronera best season best time is June to August, Mara river crossing is best wildebeest event to do in Tanzania. Tanzania comfort 4 x 4 game drive safaris is provided by reputable safari company in Arusha, The Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd. Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd is on Google Map and Offices are located at Impala Hotel Ground floor, at Kijenge Round About, Simeon road.

Recommended Tanzania safari itineraries include 6 days 5 nights wildlife safari, accommodations can be safari lodges or budget camping safaris.

Tanzania safaris 7 days 6 nights safari is most booked Tanzania safari itinerary which cover all national parks of Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Sightseeing tours and culture tour Maasai villages are more opportunities for this 7 days wildlife safari. Luxury tented camps, standard safari lodges, budget camping safaris and luxury camps are provided. For upmarket luxury tourists, exclusive luxury safari camps are organized in hand with private 4 x 4 open game drives, night game drives and off road 4 x 4 game drives in private luxury Camps.

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Tanzania safari booking and Kilimanjaro climb Machame guideline from Arusha travel Office at Impala Hotel

Planning and booking Tanzania safaris is online at Arusha Travel Office.

Licensed Safari Company based in Arusha Tanzania at Impala Hotel is ready to provide you wildlife safaris destination news, travel packages, safari lodges information, tented camps price rates, planning help and 24 hours online booking. Safari booking expert is online and can chat with your via SKYPE: classictours

Tanzania safari guidelines include sample safari itineraries available. Sample African safari holidays plan helps you to schedule your time and book flight ticket conveniently. On arrival stop Hotel reservation is easier and you can pay by credit card.

Tanzania safari 6 days package -

African safaris and culture Maasai -

Adventure wildlife safaris 5 days

Southern circuit safaris Tanzania, Selous and Ruaha 4 x 4 game drives -

Machame route Kilimanjaro climbing trip 6 travel package, backpackers rates available -

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Tanzania safari destination park Serengeti is voted best safari park in Africa

Tanzania safaris value increases as Serengeti National park voted best Safari park in Africa.

It is now officially announced that Serengeti National park as best safari park in Africa, recognized as travelers cast their votes to rate best wildlife safari destination in Africa. A study of more than 3,000 reviews from, tourists,  safari adventure people and travel industry experts from Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Fodors Travel forum, WikiZoho travel, Wiki travel and other guidebooks all agree and voted Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the best in all of Africa.

In Tanzania, Tour Operators and Arusha Travel Agency organizes Tanzania safaris. Tanzania safari itinerary is provided by THE CLASSIC TOURS & SAFARIS Co.Ltd.

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Online booking, fill booking form: Classic Tours Tanzania, an online marketplace for African safaris, especially wildlife safari destinations are recognized. Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro crater share same wildlife ecosystem.

 Serengeti is set out to put to rest the question of which park was best for African safaris. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania came out on top, which was no surprise to safari enthusiasts. The study reports, after analyzing 3,008 reviews by both safari travelers and top experts in the field, that Serengeti was the clear winner.

Tourists searching and looking for best value wildlife safari destinations across the world should consider Tanzania as first wildlife game parks hotspots. Tourists travel from Norway, Netherlands, German, Spain, France, Europe, Asia, Canada and Asia to Tanzania for best wildlife game parks. Wildebeest migration is unique wildlife safari event in Africa and in Tanzania. Wildebeest migration made Serengeti be nominated as New 7 Natural wonders Africa, among top 3 in Tanzania, others being Ngorongoro crater and Mount Kilimanjaro Snow.

Source of information whereby Serengeti is voted as best safari park in Africa is from below.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Indian Restaurant at Impala Hotel, Classic Tours and Safaris Arusha Travel Agency

Indian Restaurant and Classic Tours & Safaris Ltd are located at Impala Hotel. Travel Agency services include Tanzania tours

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Indian Restaurant at Impala Hotel is one of Favorite restaurants in Arusha. Indian Restaurant offers variety of food menu which can make your day great! At Impala Hotel, there is Travel Agency named Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd which arranges Arusha city tours, sightseeing tours, wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, trekking adventures, Kilimanjaro trekking,camping safaris and maasai village tours, all travel packages at reasonable prices. You can pay all services easily by your Credit cards such as VISA or MASTERCARD

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Wildlife tours News and Tanzania safari plans

Tanzania safari plans include Kilimanjaro climb and wildlife tours.

Tourist Guide

Travel packages available include Tanzania safari 6 days itinerary, 7 days budget camping safaris, 12 days sightseeing wildlife safaris, photographic safaris 18 days, lodge safaris 9 days, cheap kilimanjaro trekking rongai route, lemosho route climbing kilimanjaro and machame route hiking.

Car hire Arusha is basic need for Tanzania safaris. Car rent with professional safari guide is important for enjoyable wildlife safari and superb wildlife tours experience. Budget of car hire depend duration of car hire and purpose of car rent. Booking online car hire Arusha Tanzania.

The Classic Tours & Safaris Co.Ltd is premier Safari company based in Arusha Tanzania. Offers wildlife tours, kilimanjaro trekking adventures, Mount Meru climbing, leisure tours, safari holidays, honeymoon tours, family travel, group tours, discount travel,last minute booking, budget camping safaris,photo safaris, cheap hotels,photo tours, car hire, flight ticket booking and beach holidays.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips at

Wildlife tours options include camping safaris and lodge safaris. Camping safaris are divided into 3 types, these are permanent tented camps/lodges, luxury mobile camps and budget tented camps. Budget tented camps are also known as basic camping safari or fly camping.

Kilimanjaro trekking include ascent kilimanjaro through kilimanjaro routes which are well established. Kilimanjaro routes are official pathways which are safe and security for tourists. Mountain rangers are trained scouts to offer emergency rescue services to tourists which suffer mountain sickness or altitude illness.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cultural tourism stakeholders meeting decided to improve cultural tourism experience in Tanzania

Cultural tourism emphasized in Tanzania.

In a cultural tourism stakeholders meeting held in Arusha on 22nd and 23rd, challenges and things to improve cultural tourism were discussed. Challenges of cultural tourism outlines were multi charges of entrance fees and en route fees are charged without proper regulations. Other challenge was lack of law and regulations governing cultural tourism business.Main facts discussed were standardization of fees/levies and putting up laws/regulations and policies for guidelines to cultural tourism.

Cultural Tourism Enterprises, Tour Operators, Tanzania Tourist Board, Cultural Tourism Coordinator and local government tourism officers pointed out importance and benefits of cultural tourism in Tanzania. Some of them are positive experience on natural attractions to tourists, source of income to local village and Government through tax and fees, Employment to local guides, arousing real sense of cultural tourism which make the local people to identify their value and hence preserve their traditions, Infrastructure development like roads/health, boost trade in local areas with cultural tourist sites and bring about economic multiplier effect to other sector like Agriculture.

Cultural tourism destinations are places which are located en route to wildlife game parks, mountains and other places like beach areas. Tourists visiting tourist destinations like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro conservation area, hunting blocks and other tourist attractions. The local people nearby these game parks live in villages whereby they conduct economic activities like agriculture, farming have their own tradition and culture for tourists to experience.

Wildlife safaris, mount Kilimanjaro climbing, bird watching, adventures are most used vacation holidays used to travelers, how ever cultural tourism add value to travel package offered to tourists.

At the end of meeting on 23rd Oct, it was agreed to improve quality of cultural tourism, put up laws/regulation which guide cultural tourism business, remove all inconveniences and standardize fees to be easier.

The Classic Tours and Safaris Co.Ltd Tour Operations Manager, was one of this meeting participants. Classic Tours and Safaris Ltd provide full travel package including ecotourism and cultural tourism.