Friday, June 5, 2020

Tips how to find ideal Kili climbing season helps choose favorite weather

You can now choose suitable weather for success summit Kilimanjaro climb. This article contains a climate breakdown of different seasons of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Go through the whole presentation and get practical experience from local guides at the ground. Note that every single climb must be guided by a certified Mountain guide from Mount Kilimanjaro National park authority. There is no any Kilimanjaro trekking allowed without a guide. How ever, an International Mountain leader can form a group and go hike with local guides. Also, the society of Mountaineers can go with their leaders and climb Kilimanjaro. Now go and read this adventure mountaineering tips about the best time to go summit Kilimanjaro. 

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mount Kilimanjaro 3 volcano peaks and climbing expeditions

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro scores high on countless adventure ultimate to-do-lists. Reaching the summit feels like being on top of Africa, with the whole continent lying at your feet. Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant stratovolcano and has three volcano peaks, named Kibo (5,895metres), Mawenzi (5,149metres) and the Shira plateau (3,962 meters). Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris DMC is your local guide which brings you to update about Kilimanjaro trekking. For example, climbers in January are supposed to have crampons during the Kilimanjaro summit to avoid slippery on the snows, or glaciers during descending.

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Kilimanjaro 3 volcano peaks, 
Kibo peak, the highest peak [5,895m] is covered with snow throughout the year. To many climbers, conquering this peak is an adventure of their lifetime. Uhuru, the highest point on Kibo peak is the highest point in the world that can be reached without any technical or life-supporting facilities. Its location near the equator and permanent snow cover throughout the year is a wonder to many climbers.

Mawenzi peak [5149m] is rugged. The top of its Western face is fairly steep with many crags, pinnacles and dike swarms. The terrain of the Mawenzi peak makes it reachable by technical roped ascents. Rongai route offers the best panoramic view of Mawenzi peak at saddle hut.

Shira peak [3,872m] after collapsing, formed a plateau of outstanding scenic beauty on the mountain. Before collapsing, Shira was the highest of the three peaks. This plateau has an open grassland heath and moorland with a large concentration of endemic Giant Senecio and Lobelias along its drainage. Several kinds of migratory large mammals such as buffaloes, elephants and especially elands often use this plateau for feeding or salt licking. Shira peak is best seen when climbers choose Machame, Lemosho and Northern circuit routes for climbing up Kilimanjaro. Several Kilimanjaro expeditions are available for booking, check them here.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Chartered mountaineering adventures available on Kilimanjaro and Meru

KILIMANJARO TANZANITE SAFARIS DMC Ltd offers private guided small groups trekking Kilimanjaro and climbing Mount Meru. These are chartered travel departures for special purpose small groups and individual tourists climbing mount Kilimanjaro or Tanzania safaris. Prices for these chartered adventure mountaineering trips are affordable.

Our Mountain climbing guides are well educated, have mountain climbing skills, have credible experience on hiking Kilimanjaro and Meru and also speak fluent English plus additional language like Spanish, German, Chinese, Etc.

Read the useful trekking tips to summit Kilimanjaro and also you can buy guide books on hiking high mountains and packing lists.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Join groups for Kilimanjaro climb trips are available

Solo travellers can join Kilimanjaro trekking groups in Machame, Rongai and Marangu route. Adventure travel packages with seats available to join are Rongai route 6 days, Machame route 6 days, Marangu route 6 days and Machame route 7 days. Joining groups to ascend Kilimanjaro is the best way for solo travellers to save money, have fun and hike to the summit with great courage. Get Kilimanjaro travel deals and reserve spot now. 

 Kilimanjaro Groups Joining offers climb each and every day of the year, in Months of June to October and December, January and February. You will find travel buddies and climb to the summit is successful because those are best months with favorable weather for high mountains trekking. Private booking for Kilimanjaro climbing is organized for Lemosho and Northern circuit trails. Private Guided trips for individual parties of 2 or more are organized on Machame, Rongai, and Marangu as well. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris recommended Pole pole book, a field guide for high mountains climbing training.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Kilimanjaro again and again, this is best Kilimanjaro climb review

When you plan to book a Kilimanjaro trip, you need a trustworthy tour operator. Now, you can read this travel review and then book your Kilimanjaro climbing trip with peace of mind.

Here is best travel review from University which booked discount Kilimanjaro trekking adventure packages. Kilimanjaro, again and again, testimony at Your African safari portal.

Get the Kilimanjaro expeditions programs and details of each Kilimanjaro route, browse now.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Travel events and useful links for Africa wildlife,Kilimanjaro safari and climbing destinations

These are reliable events,Hotels and travel resource for planning African safaris and vacation packages. These are travel links to read about Africa wildlife safari parks, Mountain climbing destinations, cultural tourism, and accommodation directory. Now read below links useful for your African safari bookings especially Kilimanjaro trekking expeditions and Tanzania wildlife safaris.

Trips information

Events and Travel Directory Lists

Friday, October 12, 2018

Safari booking ideas,safari deals and budget travel deals Mount Kilimanjaro climbing trips

Among the best safari ideas in Africa is when is the best time for wildlife safaris or trekking Kilimanjaro.
Dry weather is the best time for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing and doing Tanzania safaris. Furthermore, it comes specifically when is the best time to see the wildebeest migration in Tanzania. To make sure your vacation safari is enjoyable, the Great wildebeest has never missed event for the complete African safari experience. June to September is when wildebeest moves northwards and from August to September experience Mara river crossing exciting safari experience.

Safari deals available are 6 days wildlife safaris, luxury lodge safaris 8 days, ecotourism safaris 9 days, migration Serengeti safari 7 days and more Tanzania safari itineraries. Tanzania DMC and Tour Operator named Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris also offers combo Kilimajaro trek and safaris.

Mid-September and Whole October, wildebeest stay in Masai Mara game reserve, however in November wildebeest begin entering back to Serengeti. Advantage of booking your safari to be in November is that safari lodges offer a big discount on room rates and hence you can book a cheap safari for 1-30 November and up to 14 December. Get tour offer and guaranteed wildebeest migration

Students cheap Kilimanjaro treks and discount group booking are available for Kilimanjaro tours. You can choose any Kilimanjaro trail you like but Machame route, Lemosho, North circuit, and Rongai recommended, mentioned in importance sequence.