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It was established in 1970, having a total area of 2,600 sq km. It protects the Tarangire River, that runs on the overflow of the great swamps to the south.
The land gently rises on either side of the river. On the Westside baobabs are permanent trees, on the east, acacias. The River runs into Lake Burunge, a saucer shaped depression saline water filled with soda lakes such as this one are very shallow, and often dry up completely by the end of October.

The permanent water supply of the park means that during summer the animal population here rivals that of the Serengeti with wildebeest, zebra, eland, elephant, hartebeest, buffalo, gerenuk, fringe eared Oryx, and flocks of birds of many different species.
The park is also famous for its tree climbing python and abundant birdlife.

Elephant, leopard, lion, hyena, impala and many more.

Tarangire Safari Lodge, Mbuyuni Luxury Tented camp, Treetop Tarangire, Swala Tarangire, Oliver's Camp, Tarangire Sopa Lodge.
There is an Airstrip close to Tarangire Safari Lodge.

Distance: 130 kms from Arusha town. It is in Arusha region.


Manyara is a Maasai word for a plant Emanyara used for making living stockades around their kraals. Other Maasai elders argue that it comes from the word Ol Manyara which means settlement. It was established in 1960, having a total area of 330 sq kms of which 230 sq kms are covered by the water Lake.


The park is located between the cliff of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Manyara, there are several different types of forests with a variety of fauna, ground forest around the gate hot springs.

Tree climbing lions, highest density of elephant in Africa 7 elephants per km2, zebras, monkeys, hippos, buffaloes, and profusion of birds more than 380 species. Best time is whole year.
Serena Lodge, Lake Manyara Hotel, youth Hostel, Twiga Lodge & Campsite. There is airstrip.

Is a huge caldera / collapsed volcano, 250 sq km and 23 km of 600 metres. Its spectacular setting and abundance of wildlife combine to make it a wonder of the natural world. Consists of 20,000 large animals including some of Tanzania's last remaining black rhino in the Crater alone.

Wildebeest, Zebra, buffalo, gazelles, mice, lions, hyenas, jackals, Elephants, hippos, monkeys, baboons, bushbucks, waterbucks, and kinds of birds including flamingoes. Best Time is whole year.


Ngorongoro wildlife lodge, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Rhino Lodge, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge, Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, Lemaka Lodge. There is an airstrip.

Distance: 335 kms away from Arusha town. It is in Mara region, and small part is in Arusha region.

Was first protected in 1921. Established as a National Park in 1951, having an area of 14,760 sq kms. The name Serengeti is derived from the Maasai word "Siringet" which means "an extended area" Apart from Selous, this park is the largest of all the parks in Tanzania.

Wildebeest migration:
This is the most spectacular and world famous sight. Best time is form December to May in the south of the park and from June to October to west (western corridor) and to the north. Balloon safari for Game viewing and observing wildebeest migration, two side trips; Lake Natron to the north, at the foot of Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano (2 to 3 days roundtrip) with the possibility of undertaking and visiting Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile, to the west (2 to 3 days round trip). Visiting Serengeti Wildlife Research Institute to observe wildlife research and treatment of sick animals.

The big cats on the Kopjes which dominate the plains, hundreds of crocodiles in the Grumeti River hunting for 1,500,000 wildebeest migration crossing the river to Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. Other animals include elephants,
hyenas, zebras, buffalo, eland, hippo, dik dik, impala, giraffe, gazelles, and many others.

Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Lobo Wildlife Lodge, Sopa Lodge, Serena Lodge, Lake Lagaja Lodge, Grumeti River Lodge, Klein's Camp, Kirawira Camp western Serengeti. There is airstrip.

The normal wildlife safaris to visit all above parks is 5 days to 8 days. To visit other tourist attractions near to the parks like Lake Natron, Oldonyo Lengai and Lake Eyasi, then plan 10 days.

To explore complete northern circuit safaris then visit also Arusha national park and Kilimanjaro tour.

For photographic safari, plan for at least 12 days and to climb mount kilimanjaro to the top, then add more 6 days. Climbing mount kilimanjaro takes minimum 6 days to 8 days.

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