Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cultural tourism stakeholders meeting decided to improve cultural tourism experience in Tanzania

Cultural tourism emphasized in Tanzania.

In a cultural tourism stakeholders meeting held in Arusha on 22nd and 23rd, challenges and things to improve cultural tourism were discussed. Challenges of cultural tourism outlines were multi charges of entrance fees and en route fees are charged without proper regulations. Other challenge was lack of law and regulations governing cultural tourism business.Main facts discussed were standardization of fees/levies and putting up laws/regulations and policies for guidelines to cultural tourism.

Cultural Tourism Enterprises, Tour Operators, Tanzania Tourist Board, Cultural Tourism Coordinator and local government tourism officers pointed out importance and benefits of cultural tourism in Tanzania. Some of them are positive experience on natural attractions to tourists, source of income to local village and Government through tax and fees, Employment to local guides, arousing real sense of cultural tourism which make the local people to identify their value and hence preserve their traditions, Infrastructure development like roads/health, boost trade in local areas with cultural tourist sites and bring about economic multiplier effect to other sector like Agriculture.

Cultural tourism destinations are places which are located en route to wildlife game parks, mountains and other places like beach areas. Tourists visiting tourist destinations like Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro conservation area, hunting blocks and other tourist attractions. The local people nearby these game parks live in villages whereby they conduct economic activities like agriculture, farming have their own tradition and culture for tourists to experience.

Wildlife safaris, mount Kilimanjaro climbing, bird watching, adventures are most used vacation holidays used to travelers, how ever cultural tourism add value to travel package offered to tourists.

At the end of meeting on 23rd Oct, it was agreed to improve quality of cultural tourism, put up laws/regulation which guide cultural tourism business, remove all inconveniences and standardize fees to be easier.

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